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A play by Claire French and the ensemble

Courage Songs

Courage Songs is a documentary play about women’s sacrifices in the wake of migration. Five women are drawn together through a Qawwali choral project which soon becomes entirely something else. They question their commitment to the project and each other as their love, family and visions of past selves become the most intimate talking point. The women's potent reflections and vision for one another come to alter the course of their lives.

Courage Songs is based on the testimonies of five Birmingham-based women who became friends and song-sisters throughout the making of the play. The play includes several imagined conversations that in some cases help to distance the women from trauma and shield them from being shamed.

Publish Date & Country

August 2023, UK



Project Type

Community project; theatre play; autobiographical; multilingual

Producing Company

Currently in conversation with potential companies inc. Women and Theatre