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Eat my monologue

Contemporary Australian theatre series bringing together monologues from new Australian plays with a revived concept of 'dinner theatre' by Claire French. The series ran monthly for three, six-month seasons from 2008-2010. Monologues were directed by Matthew Lutton, Ben Young, Mark Storen, Marcelle Schmitz, Adam Mitchell, George Shevtsov, Marisa Garreffa and Michael McCall; and included plays by Andrew Bovell, Tom Holloway, Jenny Kemp, Christopher Johnson, Tony McNamara, Alan Becher, Damian Miller, Justin Fleming, Robert Hewitt, Alexandra Collier, Joanna Murray-Smith, Ross Mueller, Reg Cribb and Mary Rachel-Brown. A large ensemble of emerging and established actors was drawn from, some of which are included in the flyers (right).

Publish Date and Country

2008, 2009 and 2010


Producer; Dramaturg

Project Type

Theatre festival; Contemporary Australian theatre

Producing Company

Bamboo Amphitheatre, So Frenchy Productions