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Programme Direction for Bamboo Amphitheatre

Claire French was the Programme Director for a multidisciplinary performance space and arts festival, then named Bamboo Amphitheatre. Together with two hospitality entrepreneurs, Gigi Mok and Andy Freeman, French designed and developed three, six-month summer programmes from 2008-2010. These were experimental to say the least, aiming to bring together the performance and hospitality industries and grow audiences for the arts in Perth, Western Australia. To list all of the productions that French designed may be cumbersome to navigate so, instead, some highlights are listed below as well as pictured.
Eat my monologue
New Australian plays with a revived concept of 'dinner theatre', 2009, 2010 (see Portfolio for listing)

Projector: Short Film Festival
Featuring award-winning contemporary Australian shorts in collaboration with the Film and Television Institute of Western Australia, 2009, 2010 (see Portfolio for listing)

20 years
Event celebrating Berlin's artistic progress since the fall of the wall, featuring Voltaire Twins and DJ Craig Hollywood, 2010

Mace Francis Orchestra Summer Series
Interdisciplinary jazz music, dance and circus events, 2008, 2009

Jamie Oehlers Jazz Café
Weekly jazz nights, 2008, 2009

One Sugar to Go
Arts Exhibition and Festival, 2010

Claire Bowditch and the Feeding Set
Summer International Tour, 2010

Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art school, Sugar Blue Burlesque, 2009, 2010

Channel 9 Programme Launch, 2010

Ausdance Awards, 2009

Pride Festival Opening, 2009

Lior Summer International Tour, 2009

Various gigs bringing together classical and jazz musicians as well as bands including Mel Robinson, Tristan Parr, Christopher de Groot, Daniel Susnjar, Troy Roberts, Kathy Corecig, Libby Hammer, Natalie Gillespie, Grace Barbe, Boom Bap Pow, Mo Wilson and the drivers, Day of the Dead, Randa and the Soul Kingdom, Funkalleros, The Hounds, Sneaky Weasel Gang, Special Brew, Assembly Line, Charlie Bucket, Jo 19, Roly Skender, Brash n' Sassy, 2008, 2009, 2010

*Bamboo is now the venue Si Paradiso

Publish Date and Country

2008-2010; Australia


Programme Director

Project Type

Arts Festival; Music; Theatre; Circus; Dance; Mixology

Producing Company

Bamboo Amphitheatre; Luxe Bar; various sponsors